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Questions, answers and additional resources

You can find Paul’s books on Amazon.

You can find Paul’s academic publications on his University of Leeds Professor profile.

Here are a selection of online resources:

Climate and Social Movements

Fridays for the Future

Youth Strike for Climate

Just Stop Oil

Extinction Rebellion

Black Lives Matter

Reclaim the Power

Climate Emergency Resources

C40 Cities


Centre for Alternative Technology

Climate Emergency Centres

Climate Action Network

Rapid Transition Alliance

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Anti Aviation group

Nature solutions


Biophilic Cities

Permaculture Association


Half Earth Project


Community and Economy Solutions

Post Growth Cities

Centre for Story based Strategies

Decolonising Economics

Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Green New Deal

B Corps

Four Day Week

Universal Basic Services

Universal Basic Income

Participatory Budgeting

Community Land Trusts

Co-housing Network

Housing Cooperatives

Self Help Housing

Citizen Assemblies

Urban Labs

Community wealth Building

Just Transitions

15 minute neighbourhoods

Circular Economy

3.   Get involved in Leeds

There's lots of activity happening all over the world to tackle climate change, and the triple emergency we find ourselves in: climate, nature and social.


Here are links to a selection of projects and organisations in Leeds that would love your support:

Climate Action Leeds

Leeds Community Homes

Our Future Leeds

Leeds Love It Share It

Racial Justice Network

Leeds Permaculture Network

You can contact Paul by email or X (Twitter).


Depending on time commitments Paul is available for book talks and consultancy work that supports city teams to make transformative changes. Get in touch to talk about availability and fees.

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