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How we save the city


What will our players do with their newly acquired strategic approach?


How to save the City features emergency action areas, what I call moves, that our players can use to save the city. The moves deal with areas that will resonate with modern city life, and importantly underpin thriving, safe and equitable city futures. Each move topic is essential to tackling the emergencies we face and are framed in a way that highlights multiple gains across climate, social and nature challenges.

Illustration in a hand drawn style with pencil of three stick figure characters smiling. One has dark skin and short hair. Another has long straight hair and glasses. The other is in a wheelchair and has curly hair. They are stood on a grid like a game board, there are arrows between grid squares. The characters are having a conversation, each has a speech bubble above their heads, the first speech bubble says Finally, we have moves - what are we actually going to do? This sounds like the exciting part! Indeed there’s loads we can do, and this book highlights six moves we can all get involved with!

Think about the inter-connections between these move topics – how change in one area impacts another. These move topics are a route to broader transformative system change and a way to live well within the limits of our natural world.

Making big
moves is the oxygen to saving the city. Acting strategically and together we can build safer, greener and more equal cities by the

The featured moves include:

  • Tackling “car-ism”, a largely invisible culture of the car that has taken over our cities from top to bottom, and how to beat it.

  • The new urban economy, how to build a new city economy based on community businesses and workplace democracy.

  • Emergency Placemaking, how to shape beautiful, affordable places while also adapting to climate change, reducing dangerous greenhouse gases and restoring nature.

  • Aviation, slowing aviation growth and rapidly embedding alternatives, so that our shared safe future is not compromised.

  • Renewing city democracy, using deep participation and engagement to unleash communities to tackle the triple emergencies.

  • A new deal for nature, to urgently reverse the mass extinction of our fellow animal and plant species and find ways to flourish together.

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